We collaborate with super talented creatives from all over the world and promote their art on our aluminium canvas. Our dream? The world's largest gallery of contemporary art.

Vincent Schwenk

Hamburg, Germany

Vincent Schwenk is a 3D artist, director and motion designer based in Hamburg, Germany. His vibrant, abstract, idiosyncratic images are full of futuristic, candy-coloured blobs and intermingling glossy shapes. Schwenk’s unique style and skill set has seen him turn his hand to creating album sleeves, corporate branding, conference identities, digital art animations and much more. ‘The more freedom and the more artistic, the more excited I get about the job.’

Marcus Oakley

Norfolk, United Kingdom

Marcus Oakley is a graphic artist originally from Norfolk, England, now living and working in Scotland. He graduated from Camberwell College of Arts, London in 1996 and cites a myriad of influences for his work including the Beach Boys, cycling, tea, the ‘folkloric delights’ of the countryside, and the ‘dizzy geometries’ of architecture. Interested in the ‘fuzzy and foggy’ overlap of art and design, over the years Oakley has illustrated books and designed textiles, packaging and other products.

Roy Rossovich

Stockholm, Sweden

Roy Rossovich is a photographer and cinematographer based in Sweden. A fair amount of time spent on movie sets with his actor father sparked a desire to work with production at an early age, and his now 15-year career has spanned fashion campaigns, editorials, beauty commercials, documentaries, music videos and feature films. In 2016 he became a member of the FSF (Swedish Society of Cinematographers) and received the Hasselblad Masters Award in the Fashion/Beauty category.

Joyce Lee

Seoul, Korea

With a mix of watercolours, acrylics, and pencils, Joyce Lee portrays love and sexuality in her own very iconic style. Surreal, humorous, sensual, and sometimes erotic themes are presented in an unfiltered blend of renaissance and pop art. The actual artwork on the can is named “Collaboration 1” and is one of several pieces by Joyce featuring mouth-to-mouth action.

Ashton Springer

Stockholm, Sweden

Ashton Springer is an artist from the UK, now based in Stockholm. His style combines dark ideas with a vibrant, childlike playfulness. Since graduating in 2012 he has collaborated with brands like Vans, Footasylum, NME Magazine and Propercorn, as well as musicians like Timbuktu and Hatami. He has a number of exhibitions and live art events to his name, including his first solo exhibition ‘2020 Experience’, and a second which took place alongside the release party for Hatami’s album FERDOWS.

Paulina Almira

New York, USA

Paulina Almira is a designer and illustrator originally from the Philippines, now based in the US. She has described her work as ‘digital explorations of the surreal, the ethereal, the macabre and the pink’. Paulina is as influenced by horror fiction, fantasy and steampunk as she is by girlie pop-culture – like Bratz, Barbie dolls, the Powerpuff Girls and ‘anything sparkly’ – as well as the natural world. Almira studied Information Design at Ateneo, Manila and Fashion Design at Parsons, New York.

Cosmo Danchin-Hamard

Paris, France

Cosmo Danchin-Hamard is a French illustrator. A former model, she is interested in reclaiming the creative power of fashion in her work. Her comic-esque illustrations are a distinctive blend of saturated palettes, sharp wit, playful sarcasm, neat black outlines and powerful female figures. Her influences include the Pre-Raphaelites and Neoclassicism as well as Pop-Art and old French and Belgian comics. Among her past clients are Barneys New York, Martini, La Croix, Campbell’s, Monoprix, Six Senses Resorts and many more.

Klaus Kremmerz


Klaus Kremmerz is a self-taught illustrator from Germany. He has made work for The New Yorker, The New York Times, Apple, WeTansfer and many others. Striving to communicate with viewers ‘in a completely natural way’, his images are quietly strange and playfully existential. Working for years with felt tips, he now makes much of his work digitally. His life-long ambition is to be invited to be ‘the first illustrator to draw on Mars’.

Julian Zerressen

London, United Kingdom

Julian Zerressen is a German/French photographer based in East London. His photographs captures beautiful moments, and carries a sense of both nostalgia and solitude. For Julian, photography is deeply personal experience. Often wandering alone, listening to music and capturing the world with his camera.

Johan Alenius

Stockholm, Sweden

Johan Alenius is a multidisciplinary creative artist from Stockholm, Sweden. He was previously schooled at LCC in London and spends his time mixing motion, illustration, branding and music. His work often has a beat and music-driven narrative with hand-drawn aesthetics, and he has previously collaborated with brands like Lego, Beatport and Epidemic Sound. Johan occasionally also takes very beautiful photos and was recently featured at Liljevalchs Spring Salon.


Stockholm, Sweden

Peytil is a Stockholm-based art project founded in 2016 by the designer and artist Eitil Thorén Due. After several years in the commercial fashion industry, starting the brand Mouli with his brother, Thorén Due wanted to find another creative outlet beyond its restrictions. The result was Peytil. Combining traditional painting and digital tools, his illustrations and portraits embrace a graffiti-like spontaneity, often using the generative and expressive potential of the minimalist black line as a starting point.

Kevin Olberg

Stockholm Sweden

Kevin Olberg is a Swedish independent Art Director and Motion Designer. Born in 1986, and with more than 15 years of experience working with visual trickery and animation, he creates playful, beautiful, and most often 3D-based artworks that make you look. And look again. His interest in bright colors and dark music shines through in his work, ranging from whimsical doodles to high-end branding. Most recently he launched the joyful NFT-collection ForeverBots together with fellow artist Oscar Pettersson and is also designing his very own giant pink table.

Veronika Kiriyenko


Veronika Kiriyenko is an illustrator from Kazakhstan. She studied graphic design at University of the Arts London LCC, starting out as a full time illustrator in 2020. Self-professed drama queen and dog mother, in her work she plays around with weird comics, stop-motion styles and funny characters, exploring daily situations, humour, love and self-relationship. Her past clients include NYT Kids, It’s Nice That, resume.io, snob.ru, Auth0, Future London Academy and Kiss Branding.

Josje Van Stekelenburg

Hague, Netherlands

Josje Van Stekelenburg is a Dutch artist based in the Hague. Inspired by ASMR and horror movies, she embraces the vibrant interaction of colour and textures to create uncanny, dreamy and sense-prickling images that play with the viewer’s expectation around everyday objects and the body. Hinting at narrative and symbolism while staying abstract and questioning, Van Stekelenburg’s atmospheric and suggestive images are seeds planted in their viewers’ imagination. She graduated from the Royal Academy of Art in 2019.

Marcus Cederberg


Marcus Cederberg is a photographer from Sweden. When he started sharing images on Instagram in 2014, his distinctive minimalist style quickly gained him thousands of followers. His work has now been exhibited in New York, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Berlin, Hyderabad, Tel Aviv, Copenhagen, and is represented in Fotografiska, Stockholm. ‘Say more by saying less’ is Cederberg’s mantra. In his architecture-influenced photographs of walls, skies and aerial views celebrating pattern and negative space, the smallest details draw you in.

Carolina Moscoso

New York, USA

Carolina Moscoso is a graphic artist from Portugal, currently based in Brooklyn, US. Informed by her past life in architecture (in which she holds a degree), Moscoso’s highly structural and colourful compositions reimagine the everyday stuff of domestic interiors. Her images suggest the quiet but ‘still warm’ traces of surreal storylines in settings where plants, animals and the manufactured interact in the wake of contemporary life. Her clients have included Adidas, Nike, Outdoor Voices, Le Temps, Bloomberg and others.


Kyiv, Ukraine

Volodymyr Manzhos (a.k.a. WAONE) is an artist and muralist born and based in Kyiv. Since starting out in 1999, self-taught WAONE has developed a fairytale-like visual language and a distinctive ethereal mode within contemporary muralism. In 2004 he founded the artistic duo ‘Interesni Kazki’ with Oleksii Bordusov (a.k.a. Aec), which existed until 2016. Inspired by old masters among other influences, art for WAONE is a voyage of self-discovery and a way to tap into invisible worlds

Ulises Mendicutty

Barcelona, Spain

Ulises Mendicutty is an illustrator, designer and art director originally from Mexico, now based in Barcelona, Spain. He’s passionate about pink, street culture, tradition, cinema, the future, skulls and perreo, among many other things. His clients have included The Guardian, Vice, Penguin Random House, El País and others, and his work has been exhibited in Italy, Scotland, Spain, Mexico and Costa Rica.

Leo Köhler

Stockholm, Sweden

Leo Köhler is an emerging 3D and animation artist from Stockholm. Drawing his inspiration from Sci Fi and game design, Köhler’s images conjure a sense of wonder and mystery. Strange, ethereal, dystopian, opulent and otherworldly, with hints of cyberpunk and transhumanism, the futuristic figures in his images ask questions about the boundary of the human body, our relationship with technology, and where our senses start and end. He is also one half of MotvindStudio game design.

Erin Hanson

Oregon, USA

Erin Hanson is an artist based in Oregon, USA. Drawing on the rich history of impressionism, expressionism and plein-air practice, Hanson has coined the term ‘Open Impressionism’ to define her distinctive contemporary painting style. Inspired by hiking and rock climbing, she uses minimal brush strokes and impasto application to create fresh depictions of Western landscapes. In her works you can find the Colorado Plateau and Joshua Tree National Park, and wine country like Paso Robles, Temecula, Napa, Mendocino and Carmel Valley, among others.