• Vajn Posters (2024) •

    Vajn Posters (2024) •

A selection of wine poster designs for the mind, spirit and elevated tongue.

001 - /ʃæmˈpeɪn/

A harmonious blend of acidity and effervescence. Lively bubbles and delicate notes of green apple, citrus zest, and hints of freshly baked bread. The minerality imparts a sense of terroir and complexity.

002 - /ˈmɜːrloʊ/

Ripe fruit and subtle earthiness. Its velvety texture and supple tannins offer a smooth, approachable mouthfeel. Delicate flavors of plum, cherry, and blackberry mingle with nuances of vanilla, cedar, and a whisper of dark chocolate.

003 - /ˈpiːnoʊ nwaʁ/ 

Elegance and complexity. Silky texture and refined tannins. Subtle notes of red cherry, raspberry, and cranberry intertwine with hints of earthy mushroom, forest floor, and a touch of spice.

004 - /ˌboʊʒəˈleɪ/

Youthful exuberance and vibrant character. Light body, refreshing acidity and easy to drink. Bursting with flavors of juicy strawberries and raspberries, intertwined with floral notes of violet and iris. A subtle hint of white pepper.

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  • Vajn Posters (2024) •

    Vajn Posters (2024) •